Poids NC Timmy est parfois montré comme fier, égoiste et arrogant. Cepandant, il est aussi montré comme étant sensible et doux. Il est peut être aussi très courageux et héroique, et peut être affecteux et attachant. Il a également très peu d'attention et a tout le temps des F. Cela veut dire que Timmy souffre peut-être d'un déficit de l'attention. Il a souvent tendance à prendre la solution la plus facile, même si ce n'est pas la meilleure.

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Timmy finds that Crocker has tied the three fairies up and is suspending them over a pit of lava. Tootie Daniella Monet arrives to save the fairies. Just as Timmy and Tootie are about to share a kiss, Timmy awakens to Jorgen's yelling, and the rescue scene is revealed to have been a daydream.

Timmy is now working at a yuck factory due to Jorgen and the fairies agreeing that he should work for a living, which Timmy is not happy about. Timmy then complains about being grown up and that he misses Dimmsdale.

We then see Crocker at Dimmsdale calling his mother, who is making him go on vacation in the hope that it will help him with his obsession with fairies. Two children named Marty and Mitzy are seen in a limo excited about going to Hawaii; however, the parents then announce that they are not going with them and have instead hired a babysitter, who is revealed to be Vicky, much to their chagrin.

Just as Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof stop by at Dimmsdale spying on them from a stack of tires their nemesis anti-fairy Foop spies on them and seeks to destroy them. Timmy then arrives at the Helping Creatures Dimmsdale Research Center to visit Tootie, who looks at rare spotted dolphins who are suffering a disease whose cure is conveniently located in Hawaii.

Tootie is then chosen to go to their to deliver a special gas to cure the dolphins, much to Timmy's disappointment. Timmy then arrives at the Turners' house to visit his parents when Mr.

Turner announces he is getting a promotion from a pencil company he works for, and is also going to Hawaii. Back in Fairy World Timmy is ready for another boring day at work; Jorgen announces he is going to Hawaii as well, and Timmy becomes depressed that everyone will be having fun except him.

Sitting down to eat the lunch his father packed for him, he finds that his father accidentally packed the check from his boss. He then uses his lip balm, only to find Tootie's gas for the dolphins by mistake.

So Timmy, along with Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and secretly Foop hanging on to the back of the Wishful Thinking van travel to Hawaii to deliver Tootie her dolphin gas supplement and to bring Timmy's dad his check. Déjà vu?


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Mes parrains sont magiques, le film : Grandis, Timmy !