Parution Prix : Eliot et de Williams Carlos Williams? Son parcours suit une ligne sinueuse qui relie H. Book de Robert Duncan, vaste chantier auto biographique dont la publication est en cours. Fondée sur des échanges poétiques et épistolaires publiés et inédits, cette aventure passe par Eliot, Pound, Williams, Levertov et Olson, mais aussi par Mallarmé, Bergson, James, Deleuze, Meschonnic et Glissant. What relation does American postwar poetry entertain with that of early modernism?

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Aerial view of Building CD and surroundings C. Gaston 83 77Fig. Stone-by-stone plan of Building CD and surroundings P. Schematic phase plan of Building CD Q. Letesson 85 79Fig. Letesson 86 80Fig. Letesson 87 The Excavation of Building CD 89 Distribution of Finds in Room 3. Deposit in the Northeast part of Room 3. Gaignerot-Driessen 90 86Fig. Room 3. Manousogiannaki 91 87Fig. Finds from Room 3. Papanikolopoulos 91 88Fig. Gaignerot-Driessen 94 90Fig.

Claeys 94 91Fig. Lithic tools from Room 3. Papanikolopoulos 94 92Fig. Gaignerot-Driessen 95 93Fig. Gaignerot-Driessen 95 94Fig. McGuire 96 95Fig. Northeast corner of Room 3. Gaignerot-Driessen 96 96Fig. Lorang 97 97Fig. Installations C31 and C34 from above in Room 3. Manousogiannaki 97 98Fig. Southwest corner of Room 3. Manousogiannaki 98 99Fig. Pebble floor in Room 3. Gaignerot-Driessen 98 Fig. General view of Room 3. Manousogiannaki 99 Building CD Test in the corner between walls D3 and D55 from west Q.

Letesson Fig. Lower part of a storage vessel OB with burnt seeds Q. Deposit in space 4. Limestone figurine from deposit in space 4. Papanikolopoulos Fig. MM Deposit in southwest part of space 4. Room 4. Stevens Fig. Patch of floor surface below plaster stack in space 4.

Area with tumble in southwest corner of space 4. Pithos in situ in Room 4. Tripod cooking pot in situ in room 4. Stirrup jar OB from room 4. Industrial installation D30 in situ in room 4. Pebble floor in room 4. Kress Fig. Terracotta slab, gourna and traces of burning on pebble floor within room 4. Stone drainage channel in space 4. Hypothetical later channel within space 4. A: Destruction deposit in space 4. Lower destruction deposit in space 4.

General view of room 4. Driessen Fig. Hearth within room 4. Shell pendant OB Chr. Obsidian arrowhead OB Chr. Upper part of a pithos and broken grinding stone in the southeast part of room 4. Stone platform at the eastern end of room 3. Unidentified terracotta object pierced base of vase? Test opened in room 4. Firebox OB from test in 4. Stairs D41 in Room 4. Test in the northwest part of Room 4. Threshold in wall D35, from south J. Open vessel krater?

Remains of charred beam in tumble covering the west part of street 8. General view of street 8. General view of the drain in the street 8. Gomrée Fig. Pottery found in space 8. The stones showing belong to an earlier structure T. Structures appearing beneath the MM II deposit in area 8. Vase beneath North façade, with a smaller pot appearing on the left, from north T. Gomrée Plan of the south area of Zone 5 P. Devolder Fig. Plan of Zone 5 P. Aerial view of space 5. Bedrock, plaster and pebble floor level FE in space 5.

Plan showing in blue the reduction in width of the access between spaces 5. Schematic representation of the stratigraphy south of wall E14 and in spaces 5. The pink X marks the position of the bronze chisels M. Milidakis excavating in space 5. Note the pebble floor and the stirrup jar OB M. View of the access between spaces 5. The cut bedrock marks the initial end of wall E10, which was later prolonged to the west. The pit is visible in the west part of space 5.

Section through the destruction layer in the access between spaces 5. The charcoal layer may represent the burnt wooden threshold M. Burnt wooden feature in space 5. Manousogiannaki Fig. Deposit in the northwest corner of space 5. The south-east corner of space 5. Tripod mortar OB Chr.


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